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Monash University – Looking Forward to Great Challenges

Monash University – Looking Forward to Great Challenges

Last year, I was absolutely humbled to be awarded the Distinguished Alumni title for my alma mater:

Elliot-Kotek-resizeWith an upcoming trip back to Australia on the cards, I’m looking forward to joining the co-hort of students of Monash University Faculty of Science’s “Global Challenges” program for a chat about leadership. My own views on the subject have crystallized more and more over the last year – especially from my time spent recently at the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University in Chicago [Evanston, to be specific].

The amazing thing about Kellogg is that the team’s focal point was on building your ethical core and your physical resilience so that you’re mentally and physically prepared for leadership – something we think about in our sporting endeavors, but probably not nearly enough in our leaders, who boast of their lack of sleep as a badge of pride (my self being no exception). No doubt I’ll have much more to share from my Kellogg experience soon (I’m still processing the experience). Save to say, for now, that the AMP Intensive I undertook was indeed intensive, and was also one of the most rewarding experiences, academic or otherwise, of my life to date.

[By the way, the honor from my old university also enabled me to don a cap and gown for the first time in 20 years. Feel free to comment below, I know I look like I belong in the 1970s in this pic: 🙂 ]